Forth Reconciliation Service (FORTH-ReconS) brings exceptional value and experience in reconciling investments positions in the stock market. FORTH-ReconS is a group of ancillary services provided by Forthright Securities & Investments Ltd (FSIL) packaged as a distinct service offering to clients. The product is designed  to unlock  the  value of  outstanding and  unclaimed entitlements  of investments in  Nigerian quoted  securities (Equities  and  Bonds)   on  behalf  of   our  clients.

FORTH-ReconS is intended to address investment wide reconciliation notwithstanding the firm investments are resident and encompasses both actual quantity reconciliation and outstanding moneys in form of dividends or interest from investments.

We would leverage on our cordial relationships with various company registrars to ensure timely and efficient reconciliation of client's investment position.

What does it involve?

1. Reconciliation of client's shareholdings and investments between the registrars and  CSCS

2. Recovery of all outstanding certificates, bonuses and dividend warrants

3. Recovery of return moneys/interest on un-allotted public offer shares

4. Dematerialization of recovered share certificates

5. Replacement of lost/damaged share certificates

6. Revalidation of expired dividend warrants

7. Consolidation of multiple shareholding accounts

8. Consolidation of CSCS accounts in multiple houses

9. Assist in lodgment of E-Dividend mandates

How it works

1. Open a brokerage account with FSIL

2. Fill out the FORTH-ReconS application form

3. Execute Mandate letter(s) of authorization to various registrars

4. Supply of basic investment information to aid reconciliation

5. FSIL provides initial feedback to clients

6. Retrieve outstanding benefits and entitlements on clients behalf

7. Send a final report of the global assignment to the client

Service Duration

FORTH-ReconS services would normally be concluded within a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the portfolio and peculiar circumstances.

Target clients

1. High net worth individuals/corporations

2. Corporate Societies

3. Estate account clients

4. Busy Executives



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