As a licensed Broker/Dealer firm, we buy and sell securities (Listed Companies Shares, Corporate & Sovereign Bonds) on behalf of clients on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Our execution services are tailored towards clients who, on a non-discretionary basis, require our opinion on the merits of transactions from time to time as well as those who require investment information...



We have a fully-fledged and independent equity, macroeconomic, and fixed income research department which produce regular market reports, in addition to providing company specific notes on the companies listed on The NSE

Our investment decisions and recommendations are based on in-depth research analysis conducted by dedicated professionals in our research department...



Leveraging on our cordial relationship with the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) and various Companies Registrar, we ensure clients receive full benefits from their investment portfolio.

Our association with CSCS and Registrars enables us professionally and speedily assist clients handle their investments related issues such as outstanding dividend, certificate dematerialization...


The stockbroking outfit providing quality financial services.

We are fully made up of crops of very enterprising and successful professionals in the financial sector of the economy. We run by a reputable and experienced management team.

Stock Watch

Symbol Volume Value
TRANSCORP 47,892,996 67,001,665.20
GTCO 46,625,600 1,258,247,987.00
OANDO 19,977,379 102,325,888.70
ACCESSCORP 19,416,794 186,209,779.60
UBA 15,804,319 139,398,575.30
ZENITHBANK 12,489,527 334,191,971.00
STERLNBANK 10,489,830 16,085,905.46
JAIZBANK 5,958,078 5,611,864.91
UCAP 4,591,912 69,676,652.35
UACN 4,507,021 39,715,597.95

Symbol   Prv   Cls     Change     %
STANBICETF30 222.62 244.88 22.26 10.00
VERITASKAP 0.20 0.22 0.02 10.00
ARDOVA 16.90 18.55 1.65 9.76
JOHNHOLT 1.76 1.59 -0.17 9.66
WEMABANK 4.00 4.35 0.35 8.75
GEREGU 275.50 298.10 22.60 8.20
SUNUASSUR 0.37 0.40 0.03 8.11
CHAMS 0.26 0.28 0.02 7.69
ETI 13.00 12.00 -1.00 7.69
UPDC 0.96 1.02 0.06 6.25

Symbol   Prv   Cls     Change     %

NSE All Share Index - 10 Days Trend

About Us

Forthright Securities and Investments Limited, is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as Broker/Dealer and a licensed dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The company was incorporated 14 December 1995 with an authorized share capital of N10 million and paid up of N6 million and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as Broker/Dealer on 24 February 1996.

The evolving development in information communication and technology as well as globalisation of World Economies necessitated the increase of the share capital to N300 million.


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