Forth Wealth Builder Account

Forth Wealth Builder Account ("ForthWealth") is an Investment Plan Account which enables investors to make regular contributions for the purchase of shares listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange. This product enables investors to build up over the long term a worthy investment towards a life of financial self-reliance or set targets such as financing education, weddings or asset acquisition.

How it works:

1. Open a brokerage account with Forthright and select the Forth Wealth Builder account option.

2. Give a standing order instruction to your Bank for periodic transfer to your Brokerage Account with Forthright Securities & Investments Limited (No minimum amount requirement).

3. Upon receipt of funds, Forthright is obligated to provide professional advice on value stocks to purchase and execute on clients behalf after receipt of consent.

4. Clients are mandated to hold shares in their portfolio for a least two (2) years.

5. Long term value stocks are to be purchased thus clients would be discouraged from trading directly to avoid panic sales (thus online access is denied).

6. Forthright to provide regular feed-back on clients transactions as well as portfolio performance report.

Target Clients:

1. Employees in Private & Public Sector

2. Nigerians in Diaspora

3. Businessmen

4. Cooperative Societies

5. Kids for Target Savings

Service Details:

1. Clients expected to hold their stocks for minimum two (2) years except at Forthright's discretion.

2. Investors benefit from free professional advice in relation to selection of stocks to suit their investment goals.

3. No management fee is charged

4. Account would be subject only to the standard trading fees on The NSE. 



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