Security Dealing

Forthright Securities & Investments Limited ("Forthright") engages in the buying and selling of securities listed on both The Nigerian Stock Exchange and NASD OTC Exchange on behalf of our clients. We trade in both equities and fixed income securities. 

We offer two different channels of trading: Direct Market Access and Care Orders.

Direct Market Access:

We provide Direct Market Access to The Nigerian Stock Exchange for our institutional and retail clients through our FIX enabled online trading portal ForthTrader. Clients are able to execute their own orders on The NSE in real time, receive immediate trade notification and market news, view their stock portfolio etc. once they have opened an account with us.

Care Orders:

At Forthright, we provide best execution services for different categories of clients ranging from retail (individuals, families and small businesses) and institutions (Portfolio/Investment managers, Insurance Company's etc) both on equity and fixed income securities. Our traders are also available to execute orders for clients that require attention and extra detail. Our feedback and notification systems are all automated so clients get immediate feedback once their orders have been carried out.

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